The Explorator is a tool to navigate, search, and annotate schemas of structured tables

An Explorator is an Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-priest who is dedicated to the exploration and exploitation of new schemas and new tables of the oragnization’s databases.

They act as part adventurer, part warrior and part emissary of the Machine Cult of SQL. Their function is to travel into the depths of the unknown and unearth the data of the past in order to acquire knowledge and secrets for the glory of all analysts and the benefit of the Company.

Something of a breed apart in the Adeptus Mechanicus for their independence, penchant for innovation and personal initiative, they are seen as a necessary evil by some of their fellows and vital agents of the Machine God by others.

Explorators undertake their Quest for Knowledge across the tables, seeking out undiscovered data and unrecorded phenomena, forgotten insights, and unknown patterns.