Strategy & Delivery

Develop data science road-maps, scope projects, lead cross-organizational teams in multiple workstreams.

  • Working Backwards

    Amazon, Life Science, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing
    Amazon's Working Backwards method provides a structured and customer-centric approach to product development and decision-making. By starting with the end goal and working backward, teams gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, refine their vision, and make informed decisions.

  • Data Science Competency Assessment

    AWS, Leadership, and Strategy
    The Data Science Competency Assessment workshop is a powerful tool for executives aiming to optimize their organization's operations through AI/ML solutions. By involving key stakeholders, analyzing observations, and considering the required groundwork, this workshop paves the way for effective data science integration, ensuring that your organization is well-equipped to address business needs and stay ahead in the data-driven era.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Align machine learning approach with business question. Build reasoning systems based on symbolic and statistical models. Implement solutions for data labeling, feature engineering, model training and optimization. Evaluate and monitor model performance, communicate insights. Implement information extraction from documents. Develop kownledge graphs and ontologies.

  • Computer Vision

    Life Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Manufacturing
    Hands-free tracking of chemical substances in research lab. Serial number recognition, item counting on shopfloor. Defect detection in manufacturing. Multi-lane vehicle tracking for high-way traffic flow modeling. Crowd tracking at public event to detect disturbances. Image categorization of user-uploaded photos on listing site for improved search experience. Fraud detection on delivery site for raw materials using surveillance video. Target recognition on hyper-spectral infrared imagery.

  • Natural Language Processing & Understanding

    AWS, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Finance, Graph Database, Legal, Life Science, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Retail Analytics
    Build search index for electronic lab notebooks with attached documents. Key-term extraction from contracts and addendums. Data extraction from news releases, social media posts, and emails for financial advisory firm. Identify parties, their roles, relationships and actions from court filings. Build knowledge graph from narratives. Classify and extract form data from health-care claims. Tagging of advertisements for improved marketing analysis.

  • Demand Forecasting, Time-series Analysis

    AWS, Data Science, Demand Forecasting, Life Science, Machine Learning, Marketing, Retail Analytics, Supply Chain, and Warehouse
    Demand forecasting for launch of new consumer product. Weekly demand forecasting for retail merchandise with wide ranging velocities. Cost optimization of shipping materials leveraging time-series forecasting. Understand temporal patterns on e-commerce sites. Ensure meeting timelines for licensing and distribution in clinical trials leveraging time-series modeling and supply-chain simulation.

  • Inventory Estimation

    Data Science, Machine Learning, Warehouse, and Supply Chain
    Improve accuracy of inventory value estimate, reduce stockout.

  • Recommender Systems

    AWS, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Demand Forecasting, Machine Learning, Marketing, Retail Analytics, Supply Chain, and Warehouse
    Email campaign with personalized recommendations based on customers viewing history. Product recommendations on e-commerce site leveraging visual similarities.

  • Product Quality, Manufacturing Processing Control

    AWS, Artificial Intelligence, Collaboration Tools, Data Science, Life Science, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, Mobile Application, and Web Application
    Investigate deterioration of product quality leveraging data from control systems, equipment sensors, raw materials. Integrate data lake for pro-active analytics and visualization. Predict product quality based on process data. Prioritize alarm messages for operators leveraging machine learning models. Mobile app for operators with interactive dashboard and manual.

  • Indoor Localization

    Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, IoT, Machine Learning, Retail Analytics, and Sensors
    Collect customer data in brick-and-mortar retail spaces: duration of stay, return visits, zones. Develop IoT devices for smart-phone tracking, laboratory and field study, evaluate accuracy, feasibility, and privacy.

  • Knowledge Graphs

    Knowledge graphs have multiple applications, serving as a cross-organizational data index, enhancing document search capabilities, and facilitating rule-based learning and reasoning.

Modeling & Simulation

Develop computational models for multi-agent systems, robots teams, and sensor and communication network nodes. Implement simulation programs for diverse compute platforms. Visualization of simulated scenes.

  • Adaptive Sampling by Histogram Equalization

    Data Science, Machine Learning, Sensors, and Optimiaztion
    Gradient-less sampling algorithm for continuouse and discrete parameter space.

  • Air Corridors

    Transporation, Modeling, and Simulation

    Air corridors are an integral part of the advanced air mobility infrastructure. They are the virtual highways in the sky for transportation of people and cargo in the controlled airspace at an altitude of around 1000 ft. to 2000 ft. above the ground level.

  • Dynamics of Pedestrian Crowds

    Multi-agent Systems, Transporation, Simulation, and Socia Force Model
    Study of the emergence of self-organization phenomena in crowds, and formation of trails.

  • Vehicular Traffic

    Modeling & Simulation, Software Development, Multi-agent Systems, Transporation, and Computer Vision
    Predict highway traffic congestions and travel times, data collection for model calibration.

  • Micro-sensor Management and Cooperative Sensor Fusion

    IoT and Sensors
    Target detection and tracking with unattended, multimodal sensor networks.

  • Transportation (Vehicular, Pedestrian, Public Transit)

    Modeling & Simulation, Software Development, Multi-agent Systems, Transporation, and Computer Vision
    Plan capacity of public transit systems leveraging computer simulation.

Visualization & User Applications

Implement custom visulizations for machine learning and analysis results, build interactive viusal tools for data exploration and data labeling. Analyze web-user behavior, perform multivariate testing and web-experimentation.

Computer Systems

Configure on-premise compute clusters, build cloud solutions, implement work-flow orchestration and process automation. Unix/Linux system administration. Development for embedded systems and IoT devices.

  • Data Provenance and Workflow Automation

    Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Finance, Graph Database, Life Science, and Machine Learning
    Maintain integrity of knowledge base with provenance tracking of data points generated from multiple processing steps on text documents. Automate workflows for data processing, managing machine-learning models, and scientific computing tasks.

Knowledge Sharing

Present at conferences and meetups, conduct lectures and workshops, author technical and scientific articles.