• Build search index for electronic lab notebooks with attached documents

    Scientists need to search through electronic lab notebooks and their attachments to retrieve data points from experiments. Use Amazon Textract and NLP processes to extract relevant data points from documents, use OpenSearch as searchable database.

  • Key-term extraction from contracts and addendums

    Legal staff manually reviewed contract with business partners and addendums to keep an up-to-date database of the terms. Employ natural language processing (NLP) techniques to extract key terms, rule-based logic to update database with extracted key-terms from addendums.

  • Data extraction from news releases, social media posts, and emails for financial advisory firm

    To keep an up-to-date database on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals, their terms, and their status, financial advisors rely on information from various sources such as news releases, social media posts, and emails. Employ natural language processing (NLP) techniques to efficiently process this information and disambiguate the relevant data.

  • Identify parties, their roles, relationships and actions from court filings

  • Build knowledge graph from narratives

    Building situational knowledge graph from data

  • Classify and extract form data from health-care claims

    Reduce response time for processing health-care claim by improved routing to specialist and automated extraction of key terms. Use Amazon Textract for OCR and key term extraction. Custom rules for post-processing and triaging.

  • Tagging of advertisements for improved marketing analysis

    Advertiser was limited in their marketing analysis due to incomlete and inaccurate tagging of ads. Use NLP multi-class labeling to automatically tag advertisement artifacts.