Course Number Title Level Institution
CCIS 105 Programming Principles I undergraduate CAU
CCIS 106 Programming Principles II undergraduate CAU
CCIS 121 Introduction to Computer Systems undergraduate CAU
CCIS 223 Data Structures undergraduate CAU
CCIS 227 Deductive Systems undergraduate CAU
CCIS 371 Computer Algorithms undergraduate CAU
CCIS 374 Database Systems undergraduate CAU
CCIS 375 Artificial Intelligence undergraduate CAU
CCIS 413 Introduction to Robotics undergraduate CAU
CCIS 416 Introduction to High Performance Computing undergraduate CAU
CCIS 671 Algorithm Design and Analysis graduate CAU
CCIS 672 Computer Organization graduate CAU
CCIS 673 Operating Systems Design graduate CAU
CCIS 674 Database Design graduate CAU
CCIS 675 Artificial Intelligence graduate CAU
CCIS 676 Theory of Programming Languages Design graduate CAU
CCIS 683 Algorithms for Parallel Computers graduate CAU
CCIS 711 Image Processing graduate CAU
MSDA 8010 Data Programming graduate GSU
MSDA 8150 Machine Learning for Analytics graduate GSU
MSDA 8650 Advanced Deep Learning with Business Applications graduate GSU


Title Venue Audience
Optimization Workshop GSU MS Data and Analytics students
AWS for Data Scientists GSU MS Data and Analytics students
Best Programming Practices for Data Scientists and Analysts GSU Professionals